Our story

Dr. Atul Suchak has been a practicing Dentist and business owner in sunny Southern California for over 30 years.

Dr. Om Suchak had recently graduated from Dental School and is eager to make an impact and take over the family business and bring Dentistry to the 21st century! But there was a problem. You see, Dr. Atul is old school, really old school. He is so old school, that he still does his HIPAA and OSHA compliance training using 2 enormous binders! Nearly an entire day was blocked off for the staff and Doctors to complete this required training. This left no time to see patients. But this also created another problem; what if another staff member joins the team? They will need this same training! Who will train them? Dr. Om aired this frustration with his brother Shyam, who casually mentioned ‘there should be an app for this’.

And Wize Comply was born.

We have developed the first ever App for HIPAA and OSHA compliance training! We set out to make lives of Medical Professionals and Small Business owners as easy as possible. With our partnership with Intellimedia Networks, we created an on-demand and interactive course that is pushed directly onto the trainee’s mobile phone. When testing our App with our staff, we found they completed all necessary compliance training courses in under one hour! And all while the Doctors were with patients!

We are thrilled to have created this App and are eager to share it with you!

The Wize Guys

Shyam Suchak


Dr. Om Suchak


Dr. Atul Suchak

Board Member

Krunal Dave

Board Member

Joy Shah


Devang Ajmera


Pooja Shah

Technical Product Manager

Priyanka Gajjar

Project Manager